The Conch Republic is the tongue in cheek commonwealth otherwise known as The Florida Keys. Aptly named as a thumb to the nose to the United States Government who insisted on treating The Keys like a foreign country. The people of The Keys readily embraced their gov’t mocking Foreign Policy, “The Mitigation of World Tension through the Exercise of Humor” by reveling in a 10-day “public and notorious manner”, to celebrate with unabashed exuberance their wild and unyielding “Independence” as ‘The Conch Republic’.

The Krewe of The Conch Republic is a Tampa Based Gasparilla Krewe dedicated to preserving the zealous spirit, ecological environment and the all encompassing bad ass vibe of The Florida Keys. Formed in 2017, The Krewe of the Conch Republic plants its roots firmly in the motto “No shoes, No shirt, Apologize Later!”

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